We are Tricity

In simple words, the Tricity  is an agglomeration of the cities of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia along the Baltic in Northern Poland. But really, the Tricity is beyond words, it is an experience! The Tricity, historically known as a melting pot of cultures has grown from being a popular holiday destination to one of the hottest business destinations in Poland, Europe and even the world!

An award winning, well connected airport, a unique location allowing access to 3-4 major time zones, dense and modern road network, plus a leading central-European port hub make Pomerania and Tricity the Gateway to Europe, and a favorite among investors!

What makes the Tricity such a great destination for living, working, studying and setting up your business is the trifecta of our location on the Baltic, opening up access to the Polish and the EU markets, sustainable growth minded governments offering great benefits  incentives for businesses while maintaining quality of life for its citizens and of course a world-class education system linked to talent attraction tools. But what really sets us apart is of course the unique triple dose of awesomeness we offer!


The city of Solidarity and freedom, Gdansk is the capital of Pomerania. The city with its business friendly policies, a diversified economy and an open, inclusive and diverse culture is one of the best places for AI, aviation, life sciences and modern business services in the country, if not Europe.


Gdynia, known as the happiest place in Poland is a young and dynamically developing city. It is a city  for people determined and ambitious enough to create something from scratch. In less than 100 years it is a recognizable and renowned brand across Poland, Europe and the rest of the world.  Located at the juncture of important transport corridors running from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Sea, Gdynia’s economy is strongly connected to the maritime sector, and the business services sector.


Sopot, a natural centre for the Tricity is a tourism and wellness hotspot. The city of 37,000 permanent residents is visited by nearly 20 million tourists every year. The city is very business friendly and is very attractive to investors, especially in the hospitality sector.

We are the future ready

Recognised by FDI Intelligence as one of the top 4  Tech Cities of the Future- FDI Strategy and as  Global City of the Future in 2020 and building on the “we care more” creed, what distinguishes the Tricity from other Polish cities is its pioneering vision for the building of diversified human resources based on openness to migrants, rooted in the Hanseatic traditions. 

It’s an economy based on creativity, cooperation & a friendly business environment, where the R&D meets the needs of businesses; tapping into the international flow of information, knowledge and economic cooperation. Promoting innovation in business and transfer of knowledge to the economy, concentrating resources supporting smart regional specialisation using clusters as a tool, strengthening external links and connections of the regional economy, professionalisation of businesses and adapting  education to the labour market requirements.

We care more

The 3cITy cohesively and seamlessly brings together all the players to offer a synchronized and unified interface consisting of extensive and in-depth toolkits, single-window services, tech visas and much more.

Potential investors can count on extensive support from Invest in Pomerania from the location scouting stage through to the investment stage and beyond. Services include location scouting, market data, local corporate and government matchmaking, introduction to the ecosystem, access to networking meetings, PR & Marketing services, dedicated employer branded campaigns, talent attraction tools like Live more. Pomerania and access to a free for use recruitment platform to name a few.

You could go on reading about what makes 3cITy amazing, or you could just reach out and give us a chance to make you live the experience, coz, we care more!